“There’s no cover at the door on Sunday night, but at any jazz club in Manhattan you would pay $50 to see a group this talented. You would consider it a bargain. …[read more]

– D Magazine June 2019

Balcony Club wins best bar in Lakewood-East Dallas

“The jazz club tucked away above the iconic Lakewood Theater is a place packed with nostalgia for many neighbors. The narrow room is cloaked in dark colors with pops of red, gold and…[read more]

– Advocate East Dallas – Lakewood

east dallas' best bar in lakewood

Come to the cabaret, old (and new) friends

“Liz Mikel, Broadway, film and TV veteran and member of Dallas Theater Center’s Brierly resident acting company, started presenting Liz Mikel’s Entertainers Showcase in March 2014…[read more]

– Dallas Morning News

Best Bars in America 2011

-Esquire Magazine

Best Bars in America 2010

“…both patrons and players provide the ambience for one another. It all adds up to be the mise-en-scene for a new-wave classic…You slip into the shadows and play your background part.”…[read more]

– Esquire Magazine